About us

In the UK there are hundreds of thousands casino players active today, as online casino gaming becomes more and more popular. Everywhere we look, we see advertisements for casino operators, whether it be on TV, radio or the internet. This is not too surprising, as there are close to a thousands casinos active in the UK as well. It’s safe to say that online gambling is at an all time peak right now, and because of this more and more casinos are opening up in order to take a slice of the pie.

This has made the online casino industry extremely competitive. All the operators are constantly trying to get new players to sign up, and in order to get players interested, many of them give out free bonuses to players just for registering at the site. At Freespins.trade, we specialize in finding the best offers at UK casinos. We want to bring you the best of the best, so that you can play casino for free, without having to risk losing any money. We hope you find what you’re looking for here, and we wish you the best of luck when you gamble online!